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Thank you for considering Black Beauty Bar, your beauty support, for enhancing your look with natural aesthetics!

We specialize in eyelash extensions, brow shaping, and permanent cosmetics, with techniques geared towards enhancing your look so that you feel confident and beautiful!


We are an intimate beauty studio located in the heart of Cosmetic Laser & Dental Studio. All of our services is executed by Angela Gibbs, who is experienced in the following:

  1. Eyelash Extensions– Semi Permanent lashes that last up to 2-3 weeks
    • Classic: The application of one single extension to 1 natural lash
    • Volume:The application of multiple (2- 3 lashes to 1 natural lash)
  2. Permanent Cosmetics– cosmetic tattooing to create natural design for the face and body.
    • Eyebrows: Microblading, Microshading, and Powdered/Ombre Techniques
    • Eyeliner: Thin to Large size natural liner design that contours the eye shape and/or can be lengthened to create a beautiful wing. Liner is placed within the lash line and above.
    • Lips: Lip liner and shading technique that contours and blends to create a sculpted lip design
    • Areola Repigmentation: 3D Areola/Nipple design that gives the illusion of a nipple protruding upward and accentuates a blank canvas or camouflage scars.
  3. Brow Shape & Sculpt
    • Waxing- The safe application of polymer wax to remove hair; followed by a highlighter to enhance & camouflage spare areas.
    • Threading- Ancient hair removal technique, that includes thread to remove hair, followed by a highlighter to enhance & camouflage spare areas.

Eyelash Extensions

Black Beauty Bar specializes in Xtreme Lashes ® classic application technique. This procedure involves the application of adhering a single synthetic lash to each individual natural lash. All eyelash extension services are provided within the highest level of care, safety, and application. For more information, see “Let’s Talk Lashes-FAQs.”

Benefits of all Services:

  • Complimentary Consultation included
  • Multiple design effects
  • Customized curl for every ethnicity
  • Safe application that encourage continued lash growth
  • Non-toxic & hypoallergenic materials

Click to learn more information about Xtreme Lashes ® eyelash extensions.

Fill In Requirements:

  • Fill In from another artist – Consultation required before service
  • All request for fill-ins after 3 weeks, will be treated as a full set therefore subject to full set pricing.

Permanent Cosmetics

We specialize in permanent cosmetics procedures for the eyebrow, eyeliner, lips, and 3D areola (nipple) repigmentation. We manage our client’s experience by utilizing specialized design techniques, safe application, and FDA approved pigments to meet our client’s expectations. See Let’s Talk Permanent Cosmetics-FAQs for more information.

If any of the below applies, then permanent cosmetics may be the solution!

  • Do you  have sparse/no eyebrows, hair loss or faded lip lines, that leave your facial features light or non-existent?
  • Are you a professional speaker, salesperson, actor, or in a similar profession, where you face volumes of people?
  • Suffering from an alopecia or another autoimmune disorder?
  • Looking to reduce your makeup routine, by creating a made up look without the work?
  • Tired of applying topical makeup to create that perfect eyebrow look?
  • Struggling with existing scars from breast reconstruction surgery that leave you self-conscious and/or low confidence?

Then permanent makeup may be a solution for you.  Current techniques have been enhanced to focus on creating natural, customizable designs just for you!

*Note: Some autoimmune disorders may require physician approval before receiving desired procedure.

Included with each service:

  • Complimentary Consultation
  • Complimentary Brow Shaping
  • Custom Facial and/or Body Design to compliment your facial and/or body area
  • Customized Pigment Selection


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